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About 3T

Triple Threat Dance Convention is proud to be moving into its 17th season of bringing quality dance education to Canada and most importantly, sharing our passionate love of dance. Our belief is that Triple Threat must provide what is needed in our dance community, so each year we embrace your feedback and evolve to meet those needs.

At Triple Threat our focus is always on creating an exceptionally positive, motivating experience for each and every dancer, regardless of their age or level. Our faculty have choreographed for and/or performed on Broadway, in music videos, on live tours, in feature films, and on television shows for legends like Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears. In addition to their professional experience, each instructor approaches their visit at Triple Threat with true inspiration and genuine teaching from the heart!

When Triple Threat was founded, we never dreamed we would have the opportunity to work with so many young dancers! This is a beautiful gift we have been given and in turn we give you our promise to live up to the responsibility you have trusted us with. At Triple Threat we bring out the best in dancers with an experience that is uplifting and unforgettable all in a positive environment we can always be proud of.


Carolina Lancaster Castellino, Dorie Konno-Lazaroff and Kelly Konno

Carolina Lancaster Castellino, Dorie Konno-Lazaroff and Kelly Konno