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Ultimate Threat Solo Challenge 2010

Senior Overall Ultimate Threat
Lukas Mcfarlane, Danscott (Calgary, AB)

Senior Solo Category
Jared Outten, Independent (Stony Plain, AB)

Senior Interview Category
Jordyn Callies, Independent (Sherwood Park, AB)

Senior Audition Category
Mikayla Pachkowski, Airborne Dance Studio (Calgary, AB)

Scholarships 2010

Junior Definite Threat
Sydney Kemp, The Dance Factory (Calgary, AB)

Junior runner-up
Siera Moe, Axis Dance Centre (Calgary, AB)

Junior runner-up
Alexandra Sawka, Axis Dance Centre (Calgary, AB)

Intermediate Definite Threat
Emma Lund, Airborne Dance Studio (Calgary, AB)

Intermediate runner-up
Jenna Cormack, The Dance Factory (Calgary, AB)

Intermediate runner-up
Courtney Massner, Airborne Dance Studio (Calgary, AB)

Senior Definite Threat
Jamie Pragnell

Senior runner-up
Mikayla Pachkowski, Airborne Dance Studio (Calgary, AB)

Senior runner-up
Sydney Carlson, The Dance Factory (Calgary, AB)

Randolph Academy
Jamie Pragnell

Single convention
Kisara Gruschow, Artistique Parents Assoc. (Calgary, AB)
Lauren Painchaud, Dance Spectrum (Calgary, AB)
Kaytia Kostersky, Dance Innovations (Yorkton, SK)
Joshua Mendonca, The Dance Factory (Calgary, AB)
Alexandria Lozowchuk, Terpsichore Dance Inc. (Canmore, AB)
Maria Buchko, Terpsichore Dance Inc. (Canmore, AB)
Tatum Fraser, The Dance Factory (Calgary, AB)
Billy Mustapha, Dance Spectrum (Calgary, AB)
Quincy Pipella, Independent (Edmonton, AB)
Sammi Sniher, The Dance Factory (Calgary, AB)
Emma Stephenson, Independent (Edmonton, AB)
Grace Huber, Dance Spectrum (Calgary, AB)