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Intermediate/Senior $250  $280 (late)
Teacher/Junior $230  $260 (late)

Intermediate/Senior One Day Pass $170  $190 (late)

Winnipeg & Vancouver ($30 value)
(includes both days of classes and Future Threats/Ultimate Threat shows)  

WINNIPEG & VANCOUVER ONLY $95  $120 (late)
Ultimate Threat Solo Challenge  (intermediate & senior dancers)

Future Threats - solos (junior dancers only) $65
Future Threats - duos/trios $40 per dancer
Future Threats - groups $30 per dancer

Future Threats/Ultimate Threat show ticket $6
(sold in line at the show- Winnipeg & Vancouver)

*One-day rates available, space permitting. Please contact our office for further details. May not be available for all conventions. 

Teacher Discounts

Qualify for up to 6 free teachers.

10-17 participants
18-25 participants
26-33 participants
34-41 participants
42-49 participants
50+ participants

1 teacher free ($230 value)
2 teachers free ($460 value)
3 teachers free ($690 value)
4 teachers free ($920 value)
5 teachers free ($1150 value)
6 teachers free ($1380 value)

To take advantage of discounts, all participants must be registered on the same form by the early registration deadline. Teacher Discounts will not be applied to late entries.Teachers may be counted to determine above discount, but one-day/class participants, scholarship recipients, or observers may not be counted. Registrations cannot be combined from multiple cities to achieve discounts. Teacher Discounts cannot be combined with Family or Multiple City Discounts.

Family Discounts

Immediate family members may apply to receive a 10% discount on each participant's convention fees. Discount does not apply to one-day/class, observer, Future Threats, or Ultimate Threat fees. Proof of relationship required only if requested. When completing forms, write FD next to each immediate family member's name.

Family Discounts cannot be combined with Teacher or Multiple City Discounts. 

Multiple City Discounts

After attending one convention on the 2016 fall tour at full price, receive a 25% discount on all additional conventions you attend in 2016. Discount does not apply to one-day/class, observer, Future Threats, or Ultimate Threat fees.

Separate registration forms must be used for each convention. Multiple City Discounts cannot be combined with Teacher or Family Discounts.

Scholarship Recipients

To use a Triple Threat tuition scholarship, please check the corresponding box along with the appropriate level box on the Convention Registration Form. A copy of your scholarship certificate must be sent in with registration form.

Pre-registration is highly recommended for all scholarship recipients as space is not guaranteed the day-of.

Scholarships are non-transferable and expire on December 6, 2016. Scholarships have no cash value and are not valid towards Future Threats or Ultimate Threat entries.