Take part in this exciting solo event open to Intermediate and Senior dancers! If you are up for the challenge, perform a solo of your choice, interview with a faculty member, and stand out at an audition. As part of the Weekend Wrap-Up finalists from each level will battle it out and perform the audition class combo all in the hopes of being named the Ultimate Threat!

  • Intermediate and Senior Overall Ultimate Threats will receive a $150 cash award and a Dance Power gift certificate.

  • Solo, Interview and Audition category winners also will be recognized with a special award.

    In order to run this event a minimum number of entries are required for each convention and level.

  • Note: In the past several years, the Ultimate Threat Solo Challenge has been held in Winnipeg and Vancouver only.


  • Open to soloists in the Intermediate and Senior levels. If entries warrant, the Senior level may be split into two age groups: 13 – 15 yrs and 16+ yrs. One Ultimate Threat winner from each level division will be awarded.

  • There is no limit to the number of Ultimate Threat solos a studio can enter. Ultimate Threat entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

  • Participants compete for The Ultimate Threat Solo Challenge in the same level in which they are registered for throughout the convention classes.

  • Participants will compete in three events: Solo Competition / Interview / Audition.

  • The Solo Competition & Interview will take place on Saturday evening. The Audition event will take place during each level’s Audition Class.

  • Following each event, standings will be posted. The Ultimate Threats will be named after the top three finalists from the Senior & Intermediate divisions perform the Audition combo at the ‘Weekend Wrap-Up’ on Sunday afternoon.

  • All disciplines compete against one another in the solo competition.

  • The time limit for each solo is 3 minutes.

  • One solo per dancer is allowed.

  • Contestants must attend both days of the convention.

  • For each convention, a minimum number of entries must be received for the Ultimate Threat Solo Challenge to be held.



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