All rates in Canadian Funds and taxes are included.
2018 Rates will be posted soon.

Full Convention - 2017 rates

Teacher $235 (early) $260 (late)
Junior $235 (early) $260 (late)
Intermediate $255 (early) $280 (late)
Senior $255 (early) $280 (late)


One-day Registrations

Teacher $160 (early)  $175 (late)
Junior $160 (early)  $175 (late)
Intermediate $175 (early)  $190 (late)
Senior $175 (early)  $190 (late)
*One-day rates available, space permitting. Please contact our office for further details. May not be available for all conventions. 


Ultimate Threat Solo Challenge

Senior and Intermediate dancers only.
$95 (early) $120 (late)



Weekend Pass $25 (Can be purchased in advance)
One Day Pass $15 (Sold only at convention)
FREE - Ultimate Threat Show Tickets (Saturday night)


Teacher Discounts
Qualify for up to 5 teachers FREE!

10-20 participants  1 Teacher Free ($235.00 value)
21-30 participants  2 Teachers Free ($470.00 value)
31-40 participants  3 Teachers Free ($705.00 value)
41-50 participants  4 Teachers Free ($940.00 value)
51+ participants  5 Teachers Free ($1175.00 value)

  • To take advantage of Discounts, all participants must be registered on the same form by the early registration deadline.
  • Teacher Discounts will not be applied to late entries.
  • Teachers may be counted to determine above discount, but one-day/class participants, scholarship recipients, or Observers may not be counted.
  • Registrations cannot be combined from multiple cities to achieve Discounts.
  • If a teacher is a parent of a participant & the Teacher Discount is taken, the family discount may not be used.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with Family or Multiple City Discounts.


Family Discounts

  • Immediate family members may apply to receive a
    10% discount on each participant’s convention fees. Discount does not apply to One-Day/Class, Observer, Ultimate Threat, or Future Threats fees. Proof of relationship required only if requested. When completing forms, write ‘FD’ next to each immediate family member’s name. 
  • This discount cannot be combined with Teacher or Multiple City Discounts.


Multiple City Discounts

  • After attending one convention on the 2017 fall tour at full price, receive a 25% discount on all additional conventions you attend in 2017. Discount does not apply to One-Day/Class, Observer,  or Ultimate Threat fees. 
  • Separate registration forms must be used for each convention.
  • This discount cannot be combined with Teacher or Family Discounts.


Scholarship Recipients

  • To use a Triple Threat tuition scholarship, please check the corresponding box along with the appropriate level box on the Convention Registration Form.
  • A copy of your scholarship certificate must be sent in with registration form.
  • Scholarships are non-transferable and expire on November 27, 2017. Scholarships have no cash value and are not valid towards Ultimate Threat entries or merchandise.
  • Do not include scholarship recipients when determining Teacher/Convention Fee Discounts.