Q:   Which faculty members will be teaching at each convention?

A:  At Triple Threat, we pride ourselves in having an extremely high caliber & in demand faculty of professionals from the entertainment industry. As our faculty is made up of working dancers, choreographers, & master class teachers, their schedules are constantly changing. We prefer not to announce our faculty until we know we have a strong commitment from them. In any case, if we do announce a faculty member, it is still not a 100% guarantee that they will be there. We will post on our web site (www.triplethreatdance.com) each city’s faculty members as they become available.

Q:   Are there different faculty members at each convention?

A:  Yes. Our faculty changes for each convention. In some cases, a few of our faculty members will teach at 1 or 2 cities during each season.

Q:   When will the weekend schedule be available?

A:  The schedule will become available approximately one week prior to each convention & will be posted on our web site & emailed with all registration confirmation packages. Unless otherwise noted, all conventions begin at 8:00 am Saturday with STUDIO package pickup/studio registrations and 8:30 am Saturday for INDIVIDUAL registrations for new dancers and package pickup (for those pre-registered), followed by the Welcome and Introduction at 9:00am.
Classes begin at 9:30am, unless otherwise noted.

Q:   Can I register as an Individual without my studio?

A:  Yes. It is preferred for dancers to register with their studios, but if you are the only one or one of only a handful of dancers attending without your studio, you are welcome to register as an individual. Please fill out the ‘Individual Registration’ section on the right hand side of registration form with your personal contact information.

Q:   How do I register as a scholarship recipient?

A:   Congratulations on being awarded a Triple Threat scholarship! To register, fill out a registration form or include your name on your studio’s form. Check off your level, along with the ‘Scholarship’ box next to your name. Have your parent, guardian, or teacher sign the participation waiver on page 2 of the forms. Mail, email, or fax in your forms along with a copy of your scholarship certificate.

Q:   I won more than one scholarship, can someone else use it or can I save it for next year?

A:   Our scholarships are non-transferable & are only valid for the year in which they were received.

Q:   When will I receive confirmation of my registration?

A:  Receipt of registration will only be emailed if requested. Due to the large number of registrations received, please check your credit card statement for payment posting prior to contacting our office. Approximately 3 - 5 days prior to each convention, a confirmation package will be emailed to the address noted on your registration form. The confirmation package will include: List of participants, receipt, class schedule, rules & guidelines, & any further information we want to pass onto to you.

Q:   Which level should my child or student be registered in?

A:  Triple Threat has 3 ballroom levels: Junior, Intermediate, & Senior. The minimum age to attend is 7 years old as of the 1st day of the convention being attended. We do not recommend placing dancers in a level by age alone, but by a combination of age & number of years of training. Parents who are unsure of where to place their child should consult their teacher for a recommendation.Dancers should be placed in the level that will challenge them the most, but please keep in mind that we want dancers to leave feeling encouraged & not discouraged or frustrated.

The following are our recommendations:
Junior – Ages 7 years & up &/or 1-3 years of training
Intermediate – Ages 12 years & up &/or 3+ years of training
Senior – Ages 14 years & up &/or 6+ years of training

Q:   Once at Triple Threat, what if I feel like I am registered in the wrong level?

A:  Dancers may change levels within the first 2 classes of the weekend. No refunds will be granted for downgrades. A difference in fee will apply for upgrades. All changes must take place at the Registration Desk. New wristbands will be issued for all level changes.

Q:     Is there an age minimum for the Teacher Level?

A:  Yes, you must be 17 years of age to take part in the Teacher Level. Proof of employment may also be required if requested.

Q:   Do you accept day of registrations?

A:   Yes, space permitting. Please call the Triple Threat office at 888-414-3332 ahead of time to check if there is space available.

Q:   Do I have to pre-register for an Observer’s Pass?

A:  No, however, it is recommended to pre-register. Observer passes will be available throughout the duration of the convention.

Q:   What forms of payments do you accept?

A:  For pre-registrations, we accept E-Transfer (NEW!), Studio Cheque, Certified Cheque, Money Order, VISA and MasterCard. Personal Cheques are not accepted. At the conventions, we also accept INTERAC.

Q:   Where do I go once I arrive at the convention venue?

A:  One representative from each studio/group will go the ‘Pre-Registered Studios & Individuals’ area at the Triple Threat registration desk to pick up the group’s wristband package. If you have registered with your studio, please meet your teacher or studio representative at a place pre-determined by your group to receive your wristband. Each dancer does not have to check in individually, unless you are registered as an Individual Registrant. If you are registered as an Individual, please pick up your wristband package at the ‘Pre-Registered Studios & Individuals’ area of the Triple Threat Registration Desk & then head into the ballrooms for the morning introduction.

Q:   Do you provide food for the dancers?

A:  Food is not provided by Triple Threat. Each convention venue is different. Most venues choose to set up a concession stand with sandwiches, etc. available for purchase during the breaks & lunchtime. It is recommended to bring snacks, a bagged lunch, & water for in between classes. Please feel free to bring a refillable water bottle to use at the provided water stations.

Q:   Is there someone to watch my child during the breaks?

A:  No, you should make arrangements with your child’s dance teacher if you are not going to attend the convention as an Observer. Triple Threat is not responsible for watching the dancers while at the convention.

Q:   I can only attend for one day, what is the cost?

A:  One-Day Rates are posted under Fees & Policies and on our registration form. One-Day registrations accepted, space permitting. May not be available for all events. For availability please call us at 888-414-3332 or email us at registration@triplethreatdance.com. If you plan on attending Sunday only, please note that some of the choreography taught might be a continuation from the Saturday classes. One-Day Sunday registration is not recommended for Junior or Intermediate students.

Q:   I do not tap, do I have to take the class?

A:  We strongly recommend taking part in all of the classes offered, regardless of you previous training. You can learn something in every class even if you are not trained in a specific discipline. If you do not have tap shoes, you can take the class in your jazz shoes or running shoes.

Q:   Do I have to take part in the Audition Class?

A:  The Audition Class is a learning experience & should be viewed as part of the Triple Threat experience.. Dancers will learn a combo & then perform it in smaller groups of about 8 at a time in front of a panel of the Triple Threat Faculty. They will NOT be required to dance alone or come prepared with a solo. There is no cost to take part in the Audition Class. It is part of the curriculum.

It is NOT mandatory for all dancers to sign in for a number. They may take part in the class & learn the combo without signing in, therefore, they are not obligated to perform the combo in front of the faculty in small groups. Only those dancers who sign in will perform the combo in small groups of approx. 8 dancers at a time. 

Q:   Can Observers & Teachers watch the Audition Class?

A:  No, the Audition Class is only open to dancers registered in each level. If a registered teacher wishes to audition for Princess Cruises (may not be available at all conventions), they may sign up & take part in the Senior Audition Class.

Q:   Can I purchase your merchandise after the convention?

A:  Sorry, we do not have online ordering at this time.